21K Steps a Day for 21 Days: Part 2: #fitnessmotivation

“It’s step 0’clock”

Well I am already on to my third set of 7!  It is day 15 and I have 14, 487 steps completed by 11:30 in the morning!  That feels good.  However, I struggled a bit during days 8-14!

I started off strong on day 8 with a big morning workout.  Consequently, I woke up on day 9 very sore.  Whoops!  However what motivated me on day 9 was that Apple sent me a nice notification that my screen time had gone down by 28% from the previous week.  Of course, if I’m doubling my daily step count it would make sense that I would have less time to scroll through social media.

At this point I needed more proof so I compared my active minutes.  (Fit bit determines active minutes using your heart rate, basically a brisk walk or something more active counts).  When I take Emma, our English Mastiff for a 15 minute walk where she stops to smell every blade of grass and sits down three of four times, just because, I don’t get an increase on my active minutes.

emma 2

The first 19 weeks of this year, I averaged 368.3 active minutes per week.  In week one of my challenge I earned 878 active minutes, and 850 in week 2.  That is more than double and a great motivator, or so I thought.

Day 11, this past Saturday, was my hardest day yet.  I was wiped. I slept until 8 am, and didn’t hit 21k steps until 8 p.m. It was definitely a day of mind over matter. Luckily, it was a gorgeous day so the sunshine kept me outside and walking.  Admittedly, day 12 was a struggle as well.  Somehow my energy came back over the last 3 days, and now with the finish line getting closer, I feel good.


I certainly had to make some changes during week two.  The longer I do this the more important it is for me to take the time to stretch everyday, sometimes multiple times per day.  Psychologically getting a big chunk of steps out of the way early, makes a huge difference.  I don’t do less than 4.2 miles to start my day.  There were a few days, I had to be sitting most of the day, that just meant I had to start earlier and make my treadmill workout a little longer.


I completed 161,962 steps and averaged 10.16 miles per day. The biggest thing I have noticed overall is I’m really feeling happier and less stressed. I’m having an easier time staying focused during the day.

week 2

I have lost a total of 4 pounds.  So only one pound this last week.  (Darn you long weekend and #roseallday)!  But, still, 4 pounds are gone. I’ll take it!  The other positive this challenge has given me is a daily sense of accomplishment. As a writer, sometimes you get stuck, or you don’t meet your word count goal for the day and that can be frustrating. This gives me a concrete thing to achieve and it feels good.

Now What?

My client hit her step goals for 14 days straight!  We are both on the home stretch.  This week it’s about meeting our goals for the last 7 days.  It’s about saying goodbye to holiday weekend indulgences and hello spinach salads; you were missed.

One of my biggest beliefs as a coach has been proven to me with this challenge.  As a coach, I am constantly telling my clients that a goal takes help.  When you tell people what you are trying to accomplish they become your cheerleaders and they check in.  When you identify someone or something that is going to hold you accountable, the likelihood of success increases dramatically.  Writing this blog and putting my goals out for everyone and anyone to see is my accountability partner.  I have had so many people reach out via email, text messages, and through social media, asking for specifics on this challenge.  As long as my body stays healthy and uninjured, no matter how tired I may be, my ego is not going to let me quit.

What would you like to challenge yourself to do for 21 days in 3 sets of 7?  Increase your steps? Increase your exercise? Decrease your time on social media? Form a habit? Quit a habit?  Let me know, I would love to hear from you and support you with your goals! Comment, like, share, commit!! Stay tuned for next week’s update!

It’s all about your success!

Sarah Stewart, MSW, CPC

Life Coach and Author

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And now three!

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