It’s Halloween, be what you have always wanted to be

I love seeing all of the pictures of people in their Halloween costumes. Halloween is so much fun and the creativity of the costumes are typically fantastic. I love seeing babies dressed up as pumpkins, toddlers as their favorite animal, and school aged kids as one of the popular movie characters. Most adults do not shy away from the fun either. It is enjoyable to dress up and be someone or something else for a night.

I started to consider this year’s costume I ran through options that covered the gamut from super hero to rock star. When you have the opportunity in front of you, to be anyone you want for one night it is suddenly a hard decision to make.

Why not take Halloween and its costumes a step further? Whether you are looking to make a big change or a small change, start a habit, or break a habit; Halloween is the perfect time to play a part. You don’t have to commit to anything. But you do get to try it out for day or evening. See how you feel trying on your new persona. Notice how people react to you.

  • Are you always on a diet? Decide this Halloween you are the ideal healthy eater, not perpetual dieter. Dress up like your favorite fruit or vegetable. See how you feel not being on a diet!
  • Looking to change your career? Go as if you are what you want to be, play the character, don’t just wear the outfit. For example, maybe you want to be a chef. Dress as a chef. Talk about your cooking skills. Engage with people about cooking. The conversations you have may actually motivate you to begin your career shift.
  • Want to quit smoking? Be a non-smoker for the evening, tell everyone you do not smoke; see how it feels.
  • Have you always wanted to be more extroverted and have more confidence in social settings? Go as someone you perceive to be that way and really play the part. Or go as something really interesting that people will want talk about.

Making changes, breaking bad habits, or creating good habits can be difficult and sometimes daunting. Halloween let’s you play as if the change has already been made. Experiencing this, even if make-believe, may be just the motivation you need to keep moving forward.

Happy Halloween!

Sarah Stewart, MSW, CPC  Life Coach, Trainer, Author

3 thoughts on “It’s Halloween, be what you have always wanted to be

  1. Great tips 🙂 Halloween is meant to bring happiness and a fresh new start 🙂
    Happy halloween
    Hi 🙂
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    Happy blogging


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