Hey, has anyone seen my motivation?

It is summer the only thing I am motivated to do is find a great beach.

Have you ever read those articles that give you 5, 7, or 10 tips and tricks on how to get motivated to work out, eat healthy, break a bad habit, or save money? You try them and maybe they work for a day, if you’re lucky they work for a week or two, but they never seem to stick.

Have you ever had those moments, not necessarily about a big dream or goal, but those moments where you are super excited to do something?  Maybe it is a 5K with all of your friends, a fundraiser, or even a beach weekend. As you’re discussing the event with friends you are excited and motivated, you are totally going to make it happen. But, the event is three months away and over those three months life happens. The initial motivation you had starts to disappear, rapidly. The 5K, the fundraiser, the beach weekend; never come to fruition. Why? Well, because the energy around that one moment, was actually excitement not necessarily motivation. And as for all of those tips and tricks, those are great ideas and tools to use, but they are not yours. They are helpful hints that have worked for other people and some may work for you in a moment, but they are not what are going to keep you going.

Motivation should not be confused with excitement. Excitement is hard to sustain and will fade away. Motivation is personal and it is what drives you to achieve your goals. It is what keeps you going when it is actually the last thing you want to do.

True core motivation is what brings you to the gym when you are completely exhausted. It is what drives you to pick up the phone and make one more sales call when you have had 15 rejections. Motivation is a key to forward progress. But it is really important that it is yours.

One way to determine what truly motivates you is to make a list of your accomplishments. Pick the most difficult ones, what motivated you to achieve those accomplishments? For some people it is money, for others it is their family, and still others it is personal pride. Whatever it is, knowing what truly drives you and then applying that to your current goal will boost your ability to achieve your goal. It is what will keep you motivated on even the best beach days!

Sarah Stewart, MSW, CPC

Life Coach and Author



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